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Hello! Thank you for visiting my photography page here. I hope that my images bring a spark of joy and beauty into your day. I’m a photographer living in southwest Michigan. I love capturing beautiful scenes as the seasons change here. I also enjoy traveling around the country and globe as opportunity allows so here you’ll find a mix of local and global images capturing moments in landscape, nature, architecture and street.

Artist Biography

Laura Malcolm is a still image, fine art photographer focusing on capturing the beauty of a moment in nature, landscapes, travel, street and architectural detail. Born and raised in Texas, Laura had the opportunity as a kid to travel with her family across much of the USA visiting dozens of national parks, cities and historic monuments. This sparked a love of both travel and the great outdoors, which Laura began capturing behind her first point and click camera at age 13. Laura now lives in Niles, Michigan with her husband, dog and three cats. She equally enjoys photographing the tranquil nature and changing seasons of southwest Michigan, and the scenery, people and culture in more exotic locations such as Switzerland. Her work was recently exhibited in the 2022 Krasl Art Center Community Members’ Show, and her photographs have been published in Andrews University’s FOCUS magazine.

Artist Statement

Photography captures the magic of a moment. It’s so easy to miss those moments when rushing and thinking of my busy schedule. But when I stop, pause, listen and look– the beauty in the world becomes evident. When that lake I drive past regularly has briefly transformed into a scene of golden light filtering through morning mist, or the frost sparkling on cornstalks stops me in my tracks, or when the lines of a building captivate me with elegant detail. I particularly love capturing those moments in landscapes, nature, travel and architectural detail. I hope the magic of this captured moment speaks to you as well, and brings a spark of joy into your day.

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